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What do we compete “4”

Athletes 4 YOURSELF

Athletes 4 EQUALITY

Athletes 4 AWARENESS

Athletes 4 UNITY

We at JAVI HQ believe in competing 4 a higher purpose... 4 others


Athletes 4 Others

People 4 Others



The Full Story

He was Never Knocked out, but he was sometimes Beaten. This man was my Grandfather who traveled and Boxed from California to Arizona. Throughout his Whole Life he renowned, and individuals knew him as Emilio, Milo, EZ, or more popularly as EZQ. He Boxed better than Anyone in his Area. He Worked Hard boxing Fruits and Vegetables throughout the Work-Fields and Never Gave Up. Not once in his Life was he late for work, nor did he ever steal. This man went through so much with very little reward. Although, He was the Richest man in the world, not because of his physical earnings but he was Wealthy with Love. The way he portrayed himself taught me that throughout life, one should focus on the Positives and Build over the Negatives. Knowing the lifestyle he came from and went through, caused me to become a self-motivated person. This holds true in Every Aspect of my life. He is the reason my Company Exists. The Day He Died was the Day this vision was Established. 10.11.12

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